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Try to see how much you could save with windows from JELD-WEN's Northern Tri-Pane Collection™.
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Only JELD-WEN True Tri-Pane Technology™ can offer:


Superior Efficiency

True Tri-Pane Technology™ provides two ½” air spaces, with Low E 180-272-366 Argon Fill for a U-factor of 1.08 to 1.02.

The exterior pane insulates the interior panes and reduces home heating and cooling costs.


Enhanced Home Comfort

The extra airspace between each pane acts as a second layer of insulation.

The interior panes reduce radiant heat and condensation, allowing for more cold-weather humidity and eliminating dry, winter air.


Exterior Noise Reduction

The interior panes reduce exterior noise and increase interior sound attenuation, creating a quieter, healthier environment.

Tri-Pane windows from JELD-WEN are designed with more robust frames for increased durability.

ENERGY STAR® Certified

Tri-pane vs. Dual Pane

Put simply, Tri-Pane windows outperform Dual Pane.

  • 33% more Low-E Coating means superior UV resiliency.
  • 50% more insulated space means reduced condensation and increased efficiency.
  • 50% more gas-fill significantly increases thermal performance.
  • Every Tri-Pane Collection product is specifically designed with a more robust frame and sash designed to accept a triple pane insulated glass unit which enhances performance and durability.

True Tri-Pane Technology™

Standard Dual Pane

ENERGY STAR® Compliant

ENERGY STAR® is the mark of high-efficiency products in Canada and up-to-code products are typically in the top 15 to 30 percent of their class for energy performance, and the entire Northern Tri-Pane Collection™ is compliant.

ENERGY STAR® Rebate Program

By choosing ENERGY STAR® compliant windows from JELD-WEN’s Northern Tri-Pane Collection™ you could be eligible for several provincial and federal rebates. Follow the links to learn how you can save with JELD-WEN.


Save Energy Now

The Energy Rebate Program for Windows is designed to encourage homeowners and businesses to upgrade to energy-efficient windows, contributing to significant energy savings and environmental conservation. By participating in this program, eligible entities can receive substantial rebates, making the transition to greener alternatives more accessible and cost-effective.

These high-performance windows not only help in reducing the carbon footprint but also lower energy bills by maintaining consistent indoor temperatures, thus enhancing overall comfort.

A National Leader

A trusted brand in the Canadian building products industry, JELD-WEN is the only full line manufacturer of windows and doors with value and performance for every price point in the market.

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