Replacing Patio Doors


Patio glass doors are one of the most popular features in any home. They provide convenient access while creating unimpeded views that flood interior spaces with natural light.

As with any window or door today, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a patio door. Patio doors are available in many configurations to make the most of your entrance. Start your selection by choosing from a sliding door or a swinging door, commonly referred to as a French door. You could also consider a folding patio door  with multiple panels that open in an accordion style.

Below you will find information about different styles of patio doors. Once you’ve selected a patio door, make sure you get the perfect fit by properly measuring the space into which it will be placed.

Watch videos: Learn how to measure for a replacement patio door or a new construction patio door 

Read more: Properly install a patio door with our instructions. 

Watch videos: See how to install a replacement patio door or a new construction patio door 

Begin your search to find patio doors by browsing our patio door selection or the photo gallery for inspiration.

Sliding Glass Doors 

Swinging Glass Doors 

Material Matters

Clad-Wood: Low-maintenance exterior metal cladding is like a coat of armor for extra protection from the elements. These patio doors feature beautiful wood inside your home with protective metal cladding outside. The baked-on finish is durable, easy to care for and available in a variety of popular colours.

Vinyl: Vinyl is recognized for being remarkably durable and secure to give you years of steadfast performance. These patio doors are easy to care for and reliable with JELD-WEN’s lifetime glass breakage coverage available. There are also ample design options to boost your home's character.

Aluminum Clad Vinyl: Hybrid Aluminum Clad Sliding Patio Doors are made of vinyl and optimized with aluminum cladding on the exterior surface, providing durability and longevity.

Find the Right Features

Door configuration: Choose from two, three or four panels to create a grand opening.

Grilles: Grilles (also called grids) are the decorative pieces that divide the glass into panes. Many homeowners include grilles with their sliding glass doors to accent the architecture of their home. (We will include a few images to help describe grilles)

Glass options: The glass you select for your sliding doors can add both style and performance benefits. You can choose from performance features like impact-resistant glass for storm concerns, or Low-E glass to improve energy efficiency and provide UV protection. Style features include textured glass for added functionality and privacy concerns. Many homeowners also appreciate the ease of use and low maintenance features of Blinds Between the Glass. Tempered glass is also standard and available in all glass types and provides extra strength, enabling it to withstand force or pressure on its surface and not break into sharp pieces.

The information contained on this page is provided solely for general informational and/or educational purposes, and may not be applicable to all products, applications, climates, and other factors. Please consult with your licensed contractor, architect, dealer or local building code official for information relevant to your geographic region and project. JELD-WEN makes no representation or warranty that this information is applicable for your circumstances. JELD-WEN disclaims all liability associated with the use or transfer of this information. 

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