Founded by four men flush with entrepreneurial spirit, JELD-WEN has over 50 years of experience that we put to work for you day in and day out. Since our inception, JELD-WEN has been producing a reliable product of great quality. With decades of experience to our credit, JELD-WEN offers quality products that you can be proud of. Put our experience to work for you and see the JELD-WEN difference.

  • I trust their decades of experience.
  • They’ve been getting it right for over 50 years.


When choosing windows and doors for the home, go with the durability and long-lasting reputation of JELD-WEN. Engineered for style and strength, JELD-WEN products are the number one choice, complete with their industry-wide reputation for quality and durability. Backed with a leading warranty and stellar performance, JELD-WEN is a reliable selection.

  • The quality of JELD-WEN windows and doors is head and shoulders above the rest.
  • We call it legendary reliability.


JELD-WEN designs windows and doors to meet nearly every performance requirement – including yours. JELD-WEN has been an award-winning ENERGY STAR® partner in the windows category since its establishment in 2004 meaning that our windows and doors have been adding years of value and savings to the home with lower future energy bills. Looks and Performance: JELD-WEN masters both.

  • You can see their windows and doors are built for serious performance.
  • That’s the JELD-WEN promise.


Refreshing the look of the home simply by replacing the front door is a great way to liven up a façade. Take it a step further by window scaping for a look that is sure to amaze. Whether you are looking to install windows, interior or exterior doors, chances are JELD-WEN has a solution that will fit your needs. When it comes to JELD-WEN products, the only limit is your imagination.

  • The endless choices offered just let my imagination run free.
  • JELD-WEN offers a selection like none other.


Many JELD-WEN windows and doors are ENERGY STAR® qualified, meaning they exceed the minimum energy efficiency criteria for the climate region you live in. Replacing old, inefficient windows with JELD-WEN could mean huge savings on future energy bills, especially during cold Canadian winters. An ENERGY STAR partner in the window category since its establishment in 2004, JELD-WEN has received ENERGY STAR awards in 2009, 2010, and 2012 for our commitment to the program.

  • Energy Efficiency is a key factor in my window and door choice.
  • Looks great while lowering bills.


Taking together superior build quality, industry-leading warranty, and stellar performance, a JELD-WEN window or door is one of the most reliable home building products you can buy. Our products are in more homes longer than similar competing brands. Trust JELD-WEN as your reliable choice.

  • The reliability of JELD-WEN is unparalleled.
  • They take the worry out of window and door shopping.


Some time ago, JELD-WEN made a deliberate decision to use, for a high-value purpose, every last bit of raw resource that enters their plants. JELD-WEN believes that building responsibly is just as important as building quality, which is why they instill sustainable and environmentally sound practices into everything they do.

  • JELD-WEN is big on sustainable solutions.
  • Less waste means a greener tomorrow.

Service and Warranty

All JELD-WEN products carry Warranty Information that guards against defects in material and workmanship for up to 20 years. We believe our products should last a lifetime and our comprehensive service backs that up. Should you require assistance, we promise to always be friendly and prompt; we are always eager to assist and will be there should you need us.

  • The JELD-WEN service and warranty is some of the best you can get.
  • We stand behind our products.

Lasting Value

The act of simply replacing a front door can add as much as 5% to the perceived value of the home. Through window scaping and creating a grand entrance, that perceived assessment can last for years by choosing JELD-WEN products - for beauty and value that lasts.

  • Add true lasting value to the home.
  • Increase your curb appeal for a breathtaking exterior.


JELD-WEN wants the process of selecting new or replacement windows and doors for your next project to be as hassle-free as our products themselves. That’s why they have a wealth of support materials for everything they sell. From lengthy warranty information to specs and installation instructions, all JELD-WEN products come standard with the full knowledge and support of their 50 years in the business.

  • Because I have more important things to do than fret over windows and doors.
  • JELD-WEN is less worrying, more living.

Want to find out where you can find the JELD-WEN product you need for your next project?

With endless selection, industry-leading warranty, and after-sales support, installing JELD-WEN in the home has never been easier. Find the nearest dealer near you to see how you can put JELD-WEN to work for you today.

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We can help you with your requirement, Feel free to reach out to us.

We can help you with your requirement, Feel free to reach out to us.