Historic Renovation

From lighthouses to homes to commercial buildings, JELD-WEN has helped restore historic spaces to their original beauty while using the latest technology in energy efficiency and wood preservation.

Renovating a historic building is both rewarding and challenging. Of course, getting started is the first step. Below you will find tips, advice and a few inspiring case studies to help you get started with your historic restoration project.

Restoration Tips

Historical Research

Begin your renovation by familiarizing yourself with your home’s architectural style and the period in which it was built. Learn about the types of windows, doors, and details that were used at that time. Keep in mind that previous remodels over the years may have hidden the original details. Visit your local historical society to see if there are records available to help you learn about your home and community. You may uncover hidden gems as you restore your house to its original design.

Determine Architectural Style

Matching windows and doors to a historic home’s architectural style can be one of the most challenging aspects of your restoration. JELD-WEN has a wide range of window and door choices to complement any architectural style, from Dutch and Colonial to Victorian, Craftsman, Ranch, and everything in between.

When selecting windows and doors, keep these historic details in mind:

  • Consider the use of arched frames and decorative glass to match the style of the architectural details of the house
  • Coordinate the look of grilles or grids to divide the lites, or panes of glass
  • Match the color to the original windows and doors. This is particularly important if you are receiving grant funding for your project.

Consider Performance Features

After years of wear and tear, upgrading to modern windows and doors can deliver improved performance without compromising historical authenticity. Consider advancements in energy-efficient windows and doors from that of inefficient single-pane windows or window and door frames that have become warped, creating leaks for both water and airflow.

The information contained on this page is provided solely for general informational and/or educational purposes and may not be applicable to all products, applications, climates, and other factors. Please consult with your licensed contractor, architect, dealer, or local building code official for information relevant to your geographic region and project. JELD-WEN makes no representation or warranty that this information is applicable for your circumstances. JELD-WEN disclaims all liability associated with the use or transfer of this information.

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We can help you with your requirement, Feel free to reach out to us.