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Impact on the environment

When using high-performance energy efficiency products you actually save on energy and money, but you also contribute in a positive way to the environment. Indeed, simple individual gestures of energy consumption have a major impact when done by millions of Canadians. By decreasing our energy consumption we also contribute to lower the use of natural resources and help to preserve our planet. Of course, improving conditions of our environment emerge of many factors, but starting by improving our residential products is an excellent step towards positive changes.

40 Years of Environmentally Responsible Practices and Products

Forty years ago, JELD-WEN® perfected a proprietary process for using wood waste to make molded wood fiber interior door facings.

JELD-WEN continues to develop and implement measures that build upon its proud history as a leader in environmentally responsible practices and products. These measures allow us to:

  • minimize waste;
  • maximize efficient utilization of materials;
  • lead by example in environmental stewardship;
  • minimize our impact on environmental resources;
  • provide customers with environmentally beneficial products.

Leadership in "Carbon Footprint" Reduction

Long before it was recognized that carbon emissions were having an impact on our climate, JELD-WEN set out to make sure that our products did not have to travel very far from the factory to the consumer. What began as a cost-saving measure in our transport operations is now a company-wide commitment to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce the amount of energy required to operate plants and offices throughout our worldwide operations.

Reducing Volatile Organic Compounds

The JELD-WEN proprietary AuraLast® process reduces Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions. AuraLast®, developed to combat wood rot and fungal infestation in wood doors and windows, is a water-based wood protection process, which results in a 96 per cent decrease of VOCs released during production (compared to the industry's conventional dip treatment process). AuraLast® wood windows and doors are the first to offer an industry-leading 20-year warranty against wood decay and termite infestation.

Responsible Forest Resources Management

JELD-WEN is committed to preserving the beauty, value, and productivity of the forestland owned and managed by our company, and we encourage our worldwide suppliers to manage forests consistent with sustainable, renewable forest practices. We have planted nearly 3 million trees in the past two decades and timber harvests never exceed timber growth. We manage for species and size diversity and restock areas damaged by fire and other natural events.

Scientific Certification Systems (SCS)

JELD-WEN molded wood fiber interior doors are Scientific Certification System (SCS) certified, which means that the door facings contain at least 51% recycled materials.

Green Building Initiative

JELD-WEN is a member of the Green Building Initiative (GBI), a non-profit organization that accelerates green building practices by promoting environmentally progressive approaches that are practical, affordable, and accessible to mainstream builders, architects, and developers.

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