Creating Livable Spaces

A home makeover can help maximize your current space and increase your home's resale value. Oftentimes, there are simple changes you can make without moving or tackling an expensive addition. Consider how you can get the most value and comfort out of your home with our idea starters, outlined on the tabs below. 

Converting Unused Space

There are the superstars of home improvement—the flashy granite counters, lavish floor coverings, and elegant custom cabinetry—that typically earn top billing on the remodeling charts.

With obvious benefits and the hefty price tags that go along with them, they tend to steal the show when it comes to renovation wants and desires.

But what about homeowners without a razzle-dazzle budget who still want to add pizzazz and character to their home? Fortunately, there are still plenty of home improvement opportunities waiting to be discovered that can lend both substance and style.

In today’s market, it’s time to get creative and think beyond the large-scale remodel to smaller improvements that will still have a significant impact. Consider making some simple changes to the most commonly unused spaces in homes, such as basements, attics, and outdoor living spaces.

Basements and Attics

Converting an attic or basement is a great way to add an extra bedroom or bonus area. Choosing the right windows is particularly important in attics because heat rises. Look for windows that offer maximum ventilation, such as double-hung or casement windows. Energy-efficient features, such as Low-E glass, are also important for maintaining comfortable temperatures inside the home.

When remodeling a basement space, be sure to consider local building codes and safety needs. Some basements may require an egress window, a structural emergency exit specifically designed for underground floors. It’s important to discuss these considerations with an architect or engineer for the proper selection.


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Outdoor Spaces

Expand your living space and enjoy nature by combining your outdoor and indoor spaces. Gaining greater access to the outdoors begins with selecting your patio door style. Sliding glass doors help when clearance is tight, while a style like French doors can offer a traditional look and useful opening if you have the clearance. Folding doors can be a stunning design element in a room by opening an entire wall to enjoy the view.

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Universal Design

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s a place for peace, comfort, and family gatherings. Many design philosophies help homeowners find a sense of comfort within their home, such as feng shui or universal design. The universal design philosophy is defined as adding elements that improve the daily comfort, ease-of-use, and home safety for residents.

This is an ever-increasing need as more homeowners enter retirement age and make the decision to remain in their existing residence.

To meet the needs of this growing marketplace, JELD-WEN offers a number of window and door products suitable for homeowners looking to increase the livability of their current home while maintaining beautiful style.

  • Improve Doorway Access

    Double doors, where applicable, make wide passage ways for easier access. Smooth door transitions are possible with ADA Compliant Sills, eliminating tripping hazards as well as making wheelchair access more manageable.

  • Add Glass Inserts to Increase Visibility

    Rather than relying on peepholes to provide a way to see visitors at the front door, install glass inserts and sidelights. Glass inserts and sidelights can help improve visibility at the front entry so homeowners can conveniently see visitors.

    glass insert 
  • Maximize Space with Pocket Doors

    Mobility inside the home is a main consideration when designing a livable environment. Pocket doors are the ideal solution for many homeowners, as they provide more usable room, especially in small spaces like bathrooms, and are simple to operate for people who use wheelchairs or walkers. Pocket doors also offer space-saving benefits, as they create an additional 10 square feet of usable space compared to the swing area taken up by a traditional hanging door.

  • Install Easy-to-Operate Windows

    Easy to operate folding handle. Tucks away and will not interfere with hanging blinds.


The information contained on this page is provided solely for general informational and/or educational purposes and may not be applicable to all products, applications, climates, and other factors. Please consult with your licensed contractor, architect, dealer, or local building code official for information relevant to your geographic region and project. JELD-WEN makes no representation or warranty that this information is applicable for your circumstances. JELD-WEN disclaims all liability associated with the use or transfer of this information.

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