Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction is not just the future of building, it's the present. One way JELD-WEN supports sustainable construction is by using recycled materials in the production of our wood composite interior doors. In fact, no added formaldehyde (NAF) is an option available for all of our moulded door designs.

What Does Sustainability Mean?

According to the World Commission on Environment and Development, sustainability is "meeting the needs of the present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. That's why it's so important. There are a number of things we all can do to ensure resources for the future including:

  • Create multi-use spaces to maximize efficiency and minimize energy consumption
  • Plan the placement of windows and doors to maximize the use of nature
    • Sunlight for light and warmth
    • Trees for shade
    • Fresh air for ventilation and air-flow
  • Install energy efficient windows and glass doors to add comfort and save on utility usage
  • Add weatherstrip to all entries to add comfort and save on utility usage
  • Use safe, healthy materials and avoid toxins wherever possible
  • Design and build to last by using durable and quality products
  • Look for ENERGY STAR® labels

Of course, maintaining a healthy, sustainable home can be as simple as cleaning or replacing air filters, or checking all those power uses that may not need to stay on all day or all night.

At JELD-WEN, environmental stewardship is nothing new. With origins rooted in wood product manufacturing, our legacy has been to make windows, doors and components in a manner consistent with efficient use of what nature provides. In effect, we've always strived to make stiles and sash, not sawdust.

To us, minimizing waste has always made good ecological and business sense. Our mission is to develop high performance, high-value products that satisfy our customers' needs, while also caring for our communities by seeking ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Environmental stewardship is a journey, and our on-going efforts will remain directed toward continual improvement of our products, and culture.

We do this not because it's popular.

We do it because it's the right thing to do.

Read JELD-WEN’s Statement on Sustainability

The information contained on this page is provided solely for general informational and/or educational purposes, and may not be applicable to all products, applications, climates, and other factors. Please consult with your licensed contractor, architect, dealer or local building code official for information relevant to your geographic region and project. JELD-WEN makes no representation or warranty that this information is applicable for your circumstances. JELD-WEN disclaims all liability associated with the use or transfer of this information.

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We can help you with your requirement, Feel free to reach out to us.