Summer can be an expensive time of the year, what with all the fun trips and outings you have planned. Fortunately, staying cool doesn’t have to be on that list of expenses. Try out some of these tips for reducing your summer energy bill.

Clean Your Air Conditioner

A dirty air conditioner is a less efficient air conditioner. This means you’ll have less cool air pumped into your home, and you may need to replace the entire system sooner than you expected. Take the time to change the filter and clean off any dust and debris you see.

Use Your Ceiling Fan

If you have a ceiling fan, you can use it to create the “wind chill” effect. That’s where moving air feels cooler because it speeds the evaporation of moisture from the skin, removing heat. This is great for those moderate days where you’d rather not turn on your A/C. You can also combine the effects of the fan with your air conditioner to further reduce energy costs. This cooling effect allows you to leave your thermostat set higher, while still feeling nice and cool.

Close Doors and Vents

Focus the efforts of your air conditioner to the rooms that need it most. Try closing the doors and vents to unused rooms so you’re not wasting energy cooling a space that doesn’t need it.

Open the Windows

If you live in an area that cools off at night, consider shutting off the A/C and cracking open a few windows. Your room will stay nice and cool and you won’t have a shocking bill at the end of the month.

Switch to ENERGY STAR Windows and Doors

Although windows and doors don’t actually use energy, they can be a huge drain if they’re constantly leaking the air you’re heating or cooling. This is why more and more Canadians are looking into high-performance windows and doors that meet ENERGY STAR standards. They can considerably lower energy costs while still providing comfort to your home. They also help reduce potential condensation and lessen outside noise!

With a few simple tips, you can keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long – and save some money in the process – with JELD-WEN Windows and Doors. Talk to your local JELD-WEN dealer about increasing your home’s energy efficiency this summer.



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