As February unfolds, we want to celebrate Black History Month by exploring the rich tapestry of African American-inspired minimalism and maximalism in interior design. Whether you want to infuse your living space with vibrant colours and natural elements or opt for a more subdued and serene look, you will find some inspiration and tips to help you create your own African American-inspired interior. These two distinct styles serve as a canvas to showcase the diversity, resilience, and creativity within the community.


Key Principals

Vibrant Colours and Natural Elements:

Infuse your living space with a burst of lively hues that pay homage to the diversity of African American cultures. Explore a versatile aesthetic by experimenting with classic black and white, alongside dark, moody tones, and earthy shades. Incorporate natural materials such as wood, stone, and clay. Opt for furniture and accessories that radiate an organic or handmade feel, contributing to the overall warmth of the space. Create a visually dynamic environment by integrating textiles for elements like pillows and curtains.

Personalized Touch with Accessories:

Add a personal touch to your space with authentic accessories like baskets and sculptures. Elevate with intricately carved wooden furniture pieces and enhance the overall aesthetic by pairing them with colourful textiles and patterned rugs. Incorporate a diverse range of artwork, spanning from traditional to modern abstract pieces. This not only adds flair to the design but also brings cultural richness to the forefront of your interior.

Welcoming Lighting Solutions:

Maximize the use of natural light to create a welcoming atmosphere. Opt for lighting fixtures such as beaded chandeliers and carved wooden lamps that align seamlessly with the African American-inspired theme. To enhance the ambiance, consider incorporating multiple light sources for depth and warmth.


As you incorporate elements of African American design, remember to honor and acknowledge their origins. This includes refraining from appropriating sacred symbols or designs without comprehending their meaning and, ideally, purchasing items directly from African American creators.

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Minimalism Interior Design

Minimalism in interior design is more than just a style; it’s a philosophy that focuses on the art of less. Embracing simplicity, clean lines, and a “less is more” approach, minimalist design seeks to create spaces that are uncluttered, functional, and serene. This aesthetic often involves a neutral colour palette, open spaces, and a deliberate selection of essential furnishings. By stripping away excess and emphasizing functionality, minimalism encourages a mindful approach to living. It’s a design choice that goes beyond aesthetics, promoting a lifestyle that values intentionality, purpose, and the appreciation of space and form.

When it comes to furniture, pieces that are functional and sleek are ideal. For instance, chairs crafted from Nigerian teak wood and upholstered with Indigenous Yoruba textiles embody simplicity and functionality while incorporating cultural elements. Minimalism can seamlessly coexist with and celebrate cultural richness.

You can also blend vibrant minimalism with bold colours, statement pieces, and distinctive patterns. Ensure that each element serves a purpose and contributes to a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. Include the use of natural materials like wood, stone, and clay, alongside furniture and accessories boasting an organic or handmade feel. The marriage of minimalism and African American culture can be a beautiful and unique expression of style and design.


Windows and Doors: A Minimalist’s Dream

One of the key principles of minimalism is to use only what is necessary and avoid excess. This applies to windows and doors as well. Consider the following factors:


Windows and doors should be proportional to the space. For example, large windows can create a sense of openness and connection to the outdoors, while small windows can provide privacy and intimacy. Similarly, doors should fit the scale and function of the room and not be too big or too small.


Windows and doors should have simple and geometric shapes that match the overall style of the home. For example, rectangular windows and doors can create a modern and sleek look, while circular or arched windows and doors can add some softness and interest.


Windows and doors should have a neutral or monochromatic colour that blends with the rest of the home. For example, white, black, gray, or beige windows and doors can create a harmonious and elegant look, while bright or contrasting colours can create a focal point or a statement.


Product recommendations

JELD-WEN offers a wide range of windows and doors that have a simple and elegant design, as well as high-quality performance and durability.

The Double-Hung windows from JELD-WEN are a great option for their clean lines and simple design. These windows feature both the upper and lower sashes that slide open vertically and tilt inward for easy cleaning.

Step into minimalism with the JELD-WEN Madison Smooth Door – a sleek, primed canvas for your minimalist haven. Low maintenance and eco-friendly, it’s more than a door; it’s a statement of intentional living. Elevate your space with the Madison Smooth – simplicity meets sophistication.


Maximalism Interior Design

Maximalism is not about clutter but intent, with each element contributing to a unique part of the room’s story. Maximalism is characterized by bold colours, mixed prints, and complete aesthetic excess. In many spaces, maximalism made way for a celebration of colour and a display of hard-earned possessions. The approach is about layers, using objects, prints, and colours to create depth, resulting in spaces that feel like a soothing quilt in front of a warm fire.

Textile-making takes center stage in the history of African American design, showcasing beautiful and intrinsic fabrics used to convey powerful stories. Intricate woodwork is a hallmark of African American interior design. Think about demonstrating the beauty of intricate panels and woodwork, preserving cultural heritage and artistic craftsmanship.

While vibrant colours are often associated, there is also a love for earthy tones you can intertwine into maximalism interior design. The original colour palette, characterized by subtle tones derived from traditional vegetable and plant-based dyes, reflects a connection to nature.


How to Maximize Your Windows and Doors

If you are a fan of maximalism, you probably love to fill your home with colours, patterns, shapes, and accessories that reflect your unique taste and personality. Consider the following factors:


Maximalism is all about embracing bold and vibrant colours, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different hues and contrasts. You can paint your windows and doors in eye-catching colours, or use colourful curtains, blinds, or shutters to add some flair.


Patterns can create visual interest, texture, and movement in your space. You can choose from a variety of patterns, such as stripes, florals, geometrics, animal prints, or even wallpaper. You can also layer different patterns for a more dynamic effect. The trick is to balance the scale and intensity of the patterns, and to use a common colour scheme to tie them together.


You can opt for windows and doors that have unusual or whimsical shapes, such as arches, circles or hexagons. You can also use molding, trim, or hardware to add some extra detail and dimension to your windows and doors.


Product recommendations

When it comes to choosing windows and doors from JELD-WEN for a maximalist interior design, there are several options to consider.

Step into the lavish realm of maximalism with the JELD-WEN Craftsman Smooth Double Door, a fusion of opulence and functionality. The intricate details and versatile design make it a dynamic choice for maximalist homes. Embrace the bold with its primed finish and ProCore™ Solid Core technology offering a symphony of extravagant style and acoustic serenity.

Large windows are a must in maximalist design, and JELD-WEN’s JWC8500 Series Windows are crafted from premium vinyl materials, perfect for low-maintenance living. Its reduced frame profile minimizes visual interruption, creating a nearly seamless integration between your indoor space and the natural landscape beyond.


When it comes to interior design, there are many styles to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. These two styles are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but they both create stunning interiors that reflect the diversity and richness of African American culture. By following the key principles of both aesthetics, you can achieve a balance between functionality and beauty. African American-inspired minimalist and maximalist design are two styles that can transform your interior into a unique and beautiful space.

Remember, both minimalism and maximalism African American-inspired designs should respect and honor the cultures they draw inspiration from. Avoid cultural appropriation, strive to understand the significance and context of the elements you’re using, and support African American artists, communities, and creators when purchasing items for your home wherever possible.



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