Each new year brings countless possibilities—an opportunity to reflect on the past year and look forward to the year ahead. When it comes to our homes, the new year is an ideal time to make some changes while recommitting to the things that still work for us.

Heading into 2024, there are several key trends in home decor that present exciting possibilities for our living spaces. At the same time, we’re focused on those advancements in design, technology and materials that will ensure your home is comfortable and stylish long into the future.

Have a look at some of the home trends you might want to embrace in 2024 and how they may affect your choice of new windows and doors.

Let in the Light

If you’ve been wanting to get more natural light into your entryway, now is the perfect time! Resolve to start the year off with a new front door that helps you create the lighter, brighter home of your dreams.

Opt for an exterior door that’s inset with one or more glass panels. They are available in designs to suit all styles of homes! You could also choose to add sidelights (narrow windows set alongside one or both sides of the door). Either way, you’ll bring more natural light in while adding architectural interest to your home’s exterior and creating better curb appeal.

Transom windows (rectangular or semicircular windows above the door) also allow more natural light into your home, while maintaining privacy. But transoms aren’t for every home. They may be more suitable for homeowners looking for classic charm that harkens back to the grandeur of large, historic homes.

In the past, transoms provided the added benefit of opening to allow airflow, but this isn’t often needed in modern homes where temperatures are controlled through careful heating and cooling.

Elsewhere in the home, many consumers continue to let in natural light by choosing more and larger windows. Floor to ceiling window walls or glass sliding doors can bring in light, maximize a great backyard view, and optimize your home for indoor-outdoor living once warmer weather arrives.

Bring the Outdoors in

The continued trend towards more natural light in the home goes hand in hand with another trend that isn’t going away—nature-inspired decor and design. After all, a touch of nature can be refreshing especially during the cold winter months. Hence the increased popularity of garden influencers and the abundance of indoor plants on social media.

The lush greens and earthy tones of nature can now be seen in wallpaper, paint colours, furnishings and even living walls. There’s plenty of room for self-expression in this trend—dabble a little or a lot, according to your unique aesthetic.

Sustainability is key

If we’re going to pay tribute to nature in our decor, it only makes sense to remember the environment when designing and decorating our homes.

In reality, green living is no longer a trend—it’s a necessity. With increased recognition of the depletion of our natural resources, eco-conscious design is a mainstay.

An eco-friendly house is one that’s constructed from non-toxic materials and incorporates energy efficiency in both its construction and its everyday function. It can help to minimize negative impacts on the environment by considering sustainability and reducing energy consumption.

When selecting new windows and doors, the ENERGY STAR® label is your guarantee that a product has been designed responsibly and will help you save on energy costs in the long run.

Energy efficiency is always in style

Windows and doors play a significant role in a home’s energy performance and its indoor comfort level. There are lots of benefits of living in Canada, but it comes with a downside—difficult weather.

Seasonal weather extremes present several challenges to home comfort. That’s why we are always innovating to create windows and doors that stand up to the elements.

One of JELD-WEN of Canada’s latest such innovations is the 8500 series window, engineered to exceed homeowners’ expectations with a mix of style, performance and energy savings.

The series is rated to meet Canada’s 2030 building code targets. That means your windows will perform well now and into the future, so you can reduce your energy bills and maintain home comfort, even as the climate becomes increasingly more challenging.

The 8500 series window is also a great fit for those who want to increase the natural light in their homes. It is designed with a 26%slimmer frame to maximize glass area while maintaining window strength. Select the Tri-Pane option (three layers of glass) to get a quieter, even more energy-efficient living space.

This and many other JELD-WEN window options are crafted with premium vinyl, for long-lasting windows that are also low maintenance.

Less is More

Minimalism will continue to trend in 2024. As we start the new year, many of us feel the urge to get organized, and our path to minimalism might start with a house declutter. Clutter-free spaces are always in style!

A minimalistic interior doesn’t just mean less stuff, clean spaces and mid-century modern furniture though. It extends to your choice of windows and doors. You might opt for a door with less detailing—clean lines, simple glass panels and solid colouring.

For a minimal yet striking design, choose to paint your interior doors and trim to match surrounding walls.

Minimalist windows capitalize on light and outdoor views, with lots of glass and smaller frames, often in black. With their sleek, clean aesthetic, they blur the line between inside and out and flood your space with daylight.

If minimalism seems too cold for your liking, you might be a fan of warm minimalism. This design style is minimalist with a twist. It finds a balance between simple, clean spaces and elements that create coziness. Think serene natural materials, earthy colours and softer textures.

Make it Work

In 2024, the trend of tailoring home office spaces for better productivity is expected to rise. The concept of a home office is becoming a permanent fixture in many residences, regardless of its location – be it a dedicated room or a cozy corner. The focus is on creating a functional workspace equipped with comfortable furnishings. For those sharing their space, soundproofing becomes an essential feature to ensure a conducive work environment.

Be sure to read our tips for choosing the right interior doors for your space. Hint: solid core interior doors are heavier in weight than hollow core doors and are ideal for areas where quiet and privacy are needed.

Embrace Authenticity

No matter the current trends, we always recommend infusing your home with your own personal style. Authenticity is a trend for 2024, but we hope that’s always a thing. Your home should tell a story about the people who live there, whether that’s with art, vintage finds, hand-crafted furnishings or custom interior doors.

If you prefer traditional details and materials, you’re probably a proponent of the timeless style. Fortunately, that can work even in a modern home, with investments that stand the test of time and ensure that your remodel brings you good value for your money.

Don’t Sacrifice Style for Comfort

We would never compromise on either style or comfort. Luckily, there are plenty of windows and doors that match any home design, from simple to extravagant.

Gone are the days when windows and doors were purely functional elements of a home. Modern windows and doors are both beautiful and functional. The marriage of form and function makes for windows and doors that enhance the visual appeal of your home and optimize your living spaces for comfort and convenience.

Decades of research have ensured that today’s windows and doors contribute to your home’s energy efficiency, security and comfort. At the same time, they can lend significantly to your home’s aesthetic appeal, both indoors and out.

With innovative new composite materials, energy-efficient glass and better insulation, new windows and doors save you money on heating and cooling over the long-term.



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