Our homes are a escape from the outside world. They provide us with safety, warmth, comfort and space for personal growth, entertainment and relationship-building. With all that they give us, our homes deserve our care and attention.

Ideally, we should keep up with necessary maintenance and renovations all year long. But there are several good reasons why we think of spring as “reno season” and the perfect time for home improvement projects.
Why spring

Why is spring the best time to renovate your house?

1. The weather is right

Spring, particularly late spring, offers the best weather for your home renovation or maintenance project. Winter can be challenging—inclement weather can delay delivery of materials and make working outside uncomfortable and even dangerous.

The long days of summer might seem like the ideal time to do home improvement projects, but extreme heat can make outdoor work, like installing windows and exterior doors, difficult. Sun exposure on hot days can lead to sunburns, heat exhaustion and dizziness, creating personal safety risks.

Springtime brings milder weather and more hours of light, without the intense heat of summer, for more time to work on outdoor projects comfortably. 

Paint, plaster, concrete and caulk dry faster in warmer weather too. If you’re repairing windows that have damaged caulking or sealant, milder weather means you aren’t applying caulking during a weather extreme, when joints and cracks may be at their widest or narrowest.

2. It’s the best time to sell your house

Spring is a popular time to buy and sell houses, so you’ll want to get home improvements out of the way by early spring if you’re planning to list your home. A few well-timed projects can increase the value and curb appeal of your home, potentially getting your home sold faster and at a higher value.

3. Summer is for fun and relaxation

Spring is a great time to complete home renovation projects, so you have more leisure hours to enjoy summer pursuits, including swimming, socializing and getting out on the water. Summer is cottage season in Canada and you’ll be ready for it!

Should your project timeline get extended for any reason, starting in spring will give you some wiggle room to complete work on warm summer days. And by upgrading key home comfort elements—like windows and doors—in spring, you’ll be ready to save on heating costs when winter arrives.

4. You’ll find new styles and sales

In anticipation of spring reno season, many manufacturers and stores introduce new and exciting collections of paint colours, floor tiles, indoor and outdoor furnishings and other home renovation components. 

Explore these fresh collections and discover unique items that can transform your home.

5. It’s a time for new beginnings

Spring is the light at the end of the long, dark tunnel that is winter in Canada. For some of us, just getting through winter is a project. 

According to the Canadian Psychological Association, about 15 percent of Canadians will have at least one mild episode of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in their lifetime. The condition tends to appear in fall and go away in spring and summer. 

Many others experience milder “winter blues” that affect mood and energy. Increased energy and hopefulness in spring can make it the ideal time to embark on new home improvement and renovation projects. 

how to know

How do I know my doors or windows need replacing?

Kickstart spring renovation season with that important project you’ve been putting off. For many of us, it’s new windows and doors. Perhaps you’ve been saving for an upgrade, or looking for time in your schedule to get it done. Whatever the reason, you’ll be glad to get this project checked off your list.

New windows and doors are visually appealing and energy efficient, improving your home comfort and reducing monthly heating and cooling costs. 

But how do you know if your windows and doors have to be replaced? Spring is an ideal time to walk around your home to inspect interior and exterior walls, doors and windows.

Look for cracks, gaps, rust and other issues that point to a damaged window or door frame. You might notice drafts coming through windows and doors, condensation on glass or doors and windows that are tough to open and close. Rotting wood frames or seal failures can mean indoor heat is escaping and your home’s energy efficiency is reduced.

Cloudy windows can indicate that expansion and contraction of the window unit have broken down the seal, allowing insulating gas to leak out and moisture to get in between the glass panes. This calls for a window replacement, or at minimum, replacement of the insulated glass unit (IGU).

For more information about windows, be sure to read our previous blog post outlining The Lifespan and Efficiency of Windows and the signs that it’s time for an upgrade.

Evaluate your exterior doors. Doors that are sealed improperly can leak air, reducing energy efficiency and increasing your energy costs. If the door’s frame has warped and the door no longer sits properly in the frame, you might notice drafts, light flowing through and sticking when opening and closing. 


How to upgrade your windows and doors in spring—a step-by-step guide

With lots of items on your spring to-do list, take time to consider your next steps carefully. Time spent planning at the start will ensure a more efficient process, less potentially costly errors and time saved in the long run.

1. List the home improvement projects you want to tackle

Begin your projects by planning, planning and then planning some more. Using a spreadsheet, an app or simply a pen and paper, record the projects you want to tackle in your home. 

Outline your goals for these home improvement tasks. 

Create an order of priority so that you tackle the most important projects while budget and time permit. For example, installing new patio doors might be a priority if you’re hoping to entertain poolside this summer.

2. List the problems you are trying to solve in your house 

Outline problems you’re trying to solve, the areas of your home involved and the lifestyle functions they affect. Make a wishlist of new features you would like to have in the space. Plan for how you want to use the area going forward. This will help you to make choices with clear goals in mind.

For example, perhaps your home’s entryway is small and dark. It makes it difficult to get ready and out the door in the morning. Maybe the space feels slightly depressing. Your goal might include letting in light with a front exterior door that includes glass panels or sidelights.

Be sure to note the things you like about your home too, so that becomes a foundation for your next steps. Get input from all the members of your household.

3. Do your research

Gather and read information about window and door options, new and exciting features, energy efficiency and installation processes. 

We have lots of tips here on the JELD-WEN of Canada blog, as well as product guides and planning and design tips on our website

4. Create a vision board

Visualize the end results of your home reno projects. Create a physical vision board by cutting and pasting onto a large sheet of paper, or work digitally with a Pinterest collection or app to guide your future choices. Continue to explore products and design ideas and envision the type of home changes you want to occur as a result of your hard work.

5. Find the right expert for your project

Visit window and door retailers to talk about your needs and get product recommendations. Meet with contractors or window and door experts to find someone who is skilled and well positioned to help you create your vision.

Your local home builders’ association can point you to their members, who abide by a code of conduct. You might also ask for recommendations from friends, neighbours and co-workers. We welcome you to contact JELD-WEN of Canada with any questions or to find a JELD-WEN dealer near you.

If you are replacing windows throughout your home, or in several rooms, consult with your expert to ensure that you select the right windows for each space. Comfort engineering, the practice of selecting the optimal window for each unique area of your home, ensures you maximize the comfort and efficiency of your home. 

This is a good time to revisit your list of identified problems in your home. For example, if a south-facing window has been generating too much heat in your home, you may want to use a Low-E coating that repels heat in your new window. On the other hand, a Low-E treatment that generates heat may help in an east-facing bedroom, keeping the room warm in the morning.

6. Put your plans into action

Now is the time to share your plans, goals and vision board with your expert. Your renovator or window and door expert will work with you to make your visions a reality, with selections that fit your budget, lifestyle and your unique needs. You should receive an estimate and a contract before work gets underway.

jeld-wen threat

JELD-WEN’s windows and doors are a triple threat

Be sure to look for windows and doors that are a triple threat—stylish, energy efficient and budget appropriate. Not to worry, it can be done! 

JELD-WEN windows and doors are designed and crafted with energy efficiency in mind, for greater home comfort and energy savings. At the same time, you’ll find a wide range of aesthetically appealing options to suit different architectural styles, budgets and personal preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a sliding glass door for your kitchen or walkout basement, or a show-stopping front door to boost your home’s curb appeal, choosing an energy-efficient door is a top priority. 

Energy-efficient windows and doors can help to keep the temperatures in your house at a comfortable level in winter, summer and the seasons in between.

Check out our buying guides to energy-efficient windows and doors to help you make great choices.

JELD-WEN’s innovative 8500 series

Canada’s most energy-efficient window is JELD-WEN’s innovative 8500 series. Designed to stand up to extreme weather conditions, these windows are engineered for a blend of style, performance, durability and energy savings.

You might be surprised to discover that these eco-friendly offerings (with up to 22 per cent better energy efficiency!) also boast a 26 percent slimmer frame, to maximize glass area and invite in more beautiful, natural light. They are available in a Tri-Pane option for extreme energy efficiency and sound resistance too.


Create unimpeded views with new patio doors

With summer living on the horizon, your home reno list might include new patio doors. The right patio doors provide convenient flow between indoors and out, for enhanced warm weather living. Think lemonade and a good book or barbecues with friends and neighbours.

Patio doors are a great option to bring in lots of light while creating unimpeded views of decks, pools and distant rivers and mountains. JELD-WEN offers a range of attractive patio doors—both sliding and swinging—to suit your unique tastes. 

Be sure to check out our tips for replacing patio doors and our patio door options, including JELD-WEN’s fiberglass folding patio doors, to learn more.

Cheers to making your springtime reno dreams a reality! 



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