Exploring the Exceptional Advantages of Tri-Pane Windows

Summer is hot. Let’s talk about what you can do to help keep your home cool and comfortable in the often overbearing summer heat. Replacing and upgrading your windows is a sure fire way to improve the energy efficiency of your home, which will in turn help save you money and help control and regulate your home’s internal temperature, keeping you comfortable in even the most extreme weather. But which windows do you choose?

Every day, manufacturers from around the world develop, build, and ship windows of all shapes, sizes, functions, and compositions. With all of those windows out there in the world, it’s important that you remember one very important and completely undeniable truth: all windows are NOT created equal.

Tri-pane windows are considered the premiere choice within the industry for a variety of reasons. What are those reasons? We’re more than happy to go through them with you.

What IS a Tri-Pane Window?

Tri-pane windows are windows that are constructed with three separate panes of glass. (Tri-pane = triple pane). This is in contrast to dual-pane windows, which are built with two separate panes of glass, and single-pane windows that have only one pane.

While all of these windows perform the same function, tri-pane windows simply perform those functions at a much higher level.

Thermal Transmittance

All windows transmit solar radiation, but  tri-pane windows offer you vastly superior performance in terms of limiting and reducing the amount of thermal transmittance taking place. In fact, tri-pane windows (on average) reduce the amount of thermal transmittance by 20-30% when compared to dual-pane windows. Basically, that means that when the mercury threatens to bust through the top of your thermometer (as it often does in the dog days of Canadian summers), less of the outdoor heat will make its way into your home, and on a scorching hot day, a cooler home is a happier home.

Increased Gas Fill

Did you know that your windows have gas? In windows with multiple panes (dual-pane or tri-pane), the small spaces in between the glass panes are filled with a special gas called Argon. This colorless and odorless gas is denser than our atmosphere, which means it insulates better than regular air would. So, if you have dual-pane windows, you’ll have one Argon gas chamber separating the two panes. If you have tri-pane windows, however, you have TWO Argon gas chambers—that’s double the insulation and, therefore, even greater energy efficiency!

Low-E Glass

Low-E stands for low emissivity. It’s a special treatment that is given to glass to help it be, well, less emissive. If glass is less emissive then it is transferring less thermal energy, which means it’s letting less of that confounding summer heat into your home. This unique treatment can be found on windows of any number of panes, but, as we saw above with the Argon gas, a Low-E coating can offer you another level of protection. Minimizing the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that gets into your home is absolutely a major advantage in helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature—something that we can all appreciate when the weather forecast gets out of control.

Superior Soundproofing

Maybe it’s a rogue leaf blower, a cranky lawnmower, or a motorcycle with something to prove. Either way, summer sure can be a noisy time of year. The increased insulation offered by tri-pane windows can greatly reduce the amount of outside noise that makes its way into your home. Imagine being able to block out all of the headache-inducing chaos and enjoying a home that is peaceful, quiet, and entirely your own. That’s possible. All you need are tri-pane windows to create an indoor oasis. 

Reduced Condensation

It’s all about dew point. Dew point is the temperature for a given relative humidity at which airborne water vapor condenses on surfaces. Let’s break down what that technical and impressive sounding definition means for you and your windows. When the surface temperature of the interior pane of the window is below the dew point, condensation on the glass surface occurs. Many of us are familiar with these weeping windows, and it can be not only annoying but can lead to water damage as well. How does tri-pane combat this? Well, the better the insulation value of the window, the higher the temperature of the interior glazing surface, and the less likely vapor will condense or frost on the glass.

Long-Term Savings

Would you like to pay less every month on your heating and cooling? Of course you would! Investing in tri-pane windows can bring about great long-term financial benefits. Since tri-pane windows are more efficient, it means you are wasting or losing less energy in your ongoing attempt to stay cool and comfortable in this season of overpowering sunshine. Less energy wasted means you are saving energy, and if you are saving energy, then you are saving money! Every month you will see savings as a result of having more efficient tri-pane windows, and, even better, those savings will continue over time.

Overall Comfort

Isn’t comfort the overall goal here? Being able to be comfortable in your home regardless of what Mother Nature is hurling your way is so important. It leads to a better quality of life, and really, isn’t that what it’s all about?


Tri-pane windows are simply the best choice you can make for your home in terms of window replacement or upgrades. The list of benefits is long and proven, and it’s important to remember that these powerful benefits can be found in beautiful, stylish designs.

JELD-WEN offers an exciting selection of tri-pane window options in a variety of different and unique collections. You are guaranteed to find the tri-pane window that fits your home, your life, and your needs! 

To learn more about JELD-WEN’s innovative selection of industry-leading and high-performing tri-pane windows, please visit us at

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